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Indows are a practical and money saving alternative to window replacement for many old homes.   Indows were invented by a inventor who owns an old Craftsman style home with beautiful old wavy glass single pane windows.  He needed to solve the problems of drafty, single pane windows but did not want to lose the character of his old windows.  Indows almost disappear and are easily removable.  Indows require no magnets or fasteners.   In addition to stopping drafts due to leaky windows, they also stop the warm moist interior air from reaching the cold glass where it condenses and drips down to the sills causing mildew and rot. The standard Indow panel will also reduce sound transmission by 50% and the Acoustic Grade by 70% over a single pane window.  Indows will save thousands of dollars over replacement windows, increase comfort, reduce energy costs, and are American made.   Indows have been used successfully in churches, museums and historic homes to increase comfort and reduce infiltration.  They are available in Shade Grade, Musem Grade (UV Inhibiting), Blackout, Commercial and a double thickness Acoustic Grade for exceptional sound reduction.  Indows may qualify for rebates and financing as part of an overall energy retrofit.   Laser measuring including diagonals ensures a precision fit that will reduce drafts and make your home more comfortable. Indows are warranteed for as long as you own the home.